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    Okay, I couldn't really find another forum that seemed suited to this question. If there is a better fit, mods, feel free to move it.

    I'm looking for some advice from Crackberry 's European readers. I travel frequently and find myself in Europe every once in a while (maybe 2 - 3 times a year).
    Generally in the UK, Ireland, or the Azores, but every once in a while in France, Germany, Italy, Greece, etc...

    In any event, I'm thinking of unlocking my Z10 and getting a prepaid SIM card. Right now I just either do without or use the hotel wifi. How does it work in Europe for roaming though? If I buy a UK Vodafone SIM and use it on the Azores Vodafone network, how steep are the roaming charges? What about using it on a Vodafone network in Africa? Lastly, does the prepaid credit expire (say I buy a card but don't use it for a year)?

    Thanks for any tips/advice you can give.

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    09-18-13 05:44 PM
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    I spent 2 weeks in sweden a few months ago and all i did was add a package of european roaming to my At&t plan. Losing access to my american cell #, losing texts and phone calls made switching to a local sim an unusable option. All told for a few hundred mb of data and 90 minutes of talk it was only about $80 more. On top of that, if you call your phone company, you can set up both the start and stop times of your european roaming plans. Just make sure if you change your travel dates, change your roaming dates, else that can get scary expensive, found that out $800 later after an extra week in Canada. Switching to a local european provider is easy once you unlock the phone, I did that on a previous trip. The sim card lasted me two years beyond my last refill, but without any use beyond that the sim card will disable. I think they require some kind of form of ID when you get one nowadays, but I had no trouble as a foreigner getting a local card. One problem i had was that with an SQN-1 the frequencies for LTE were not always available in europe and in lots of sweden anyway i was stuck on 3g or even 2g.
    09-18-13 06:41 PM

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