1. Mike Honcho's Avatar
    Hello, I have a Curve 8330 with US Cellular and my ESPN mobile runs much smoother than my friends who has a Curve 8330 with ATT. My application has more color and is just running better all around. I downloaded both applications the same way. Any advice on how to get him what I have? Is it just different because we have different carriers? Any advice would be appreciated.

    Mike Honcho
    11-30-08 01:16 AM
  2. jenaywins's Avatar
    Don't feel bad; my ESPN launcher won't work period on my new curve. and both my curves are from vzw. Be glad yours works at all.

    At any rate, each device varies, especially carrier to carrier.

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    11-30-08 01:22 AM
  3. Mikey.P's Avatar
    Check out the browser configuration on each device and see if they are the same. At the bottom of the espn mobile site they list some good settings for your berry. It helps out not for just espn but all mobile sites

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    11-30-08 02:15 AM