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    Dear all,

    My blackberry curve 8900 froze after I downloaded some purchased applications from cracberry app store......(Thanks Crackberry). I am extremely annoyed now. I tried to find solution on the web but the only ones proposed are for pc users (and I am a Mac user). I think I am in deep sh....coz I never really succeeded to synchronize my BB with my Mac (RIM does not much a lot for us unfortunately). Anyhow, I will stop complaining and hope that some guys on this forum will be able to help me. BIG THANKS IN ADVANCE. I feel totally lost now.
    11-29-09 07:54 PM
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    The error isn't due to CrackBerry App Store, or you having a Mac.

    This is an OS error with the current Tour offerings (version 4.7). It is an installation index error that you could get installing an app from anywhere. Search the Tour forum and you'll see this issue listed there.

    What you'll have to do is remove the application, then reboot. You might need a PC and BBSAK to gain access to you BB and remove the app via PC. Once you remove the app, you can try to reinstall.

    Anytime you install an app, you want to run it and see if you get the "out of memory" error. If you do, delete the app before you reboot. That will keep you from getting the 552 message.

    You may also need to delete another app before installing the app again. I'm not sure, but it may be that 4.7 has problems with the number of apps installed (instead of running out of free memory). I have had luck removing a small app, then installing a larger app.

    I've also found that upgrading to the leaked 5.0 OS resolves the problem. It is definitely a 4.7 issue.

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    11-29-09 09:12 PM