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    I had this issue doing a backup this AM. After a search on the forums I noticed quite a few hits on this same error message. After reading these, a variety of different solutions and possible culprits were identified. One of the solutions given was to do a selective backup, omitting the browser cache. I did so but the backup still crashed, this time on a different database. Interestingly, I was able to backup the browser cache selectively without an issue so that didn't appear to be my problem (and the original backup didn't hang on that database anyway for me at least). Another set of posts identified an old version of Autostandby as a possible culprit. I have the latest version and backups still crash (and not on autostandby databases), plus some other posters who don't even have that program on their devices are getting these crashes. Consequently, I don't believe that program is causing my problems.

    When I do an normal (non-selective) backup, what hangs for me every time is "policy". Doing a selective backup using the "advanced" tab, what crashed the backup was KeepassBB Options. All other databases including policy, autostandby, and the browser backed up fine. Why does "policy" crash on a normal backup but doesn't crash at all in a selective one? Why does "keepass" backup fine in a non-selective backup but crashes in a selective one? It doesn't make sense.

    I'm running DM 4.6 and have OS (122). If it were the same database crashing in a non-selective or selective backup I'd understand that database was simply corrupted. Add to that the fact that crashes are happening in different databases for different people (the issue with old versions of autostandby excepted). This sounds more like a bug in DM or the OS to me, but I'm certainly no programming expert. For now my "solution" is to do manual backups, finding where it crashes and then omitting whatever database(s) cause the issue.

    Are these selective backups sufficient though to do a restore without causing problems?
    11-30-08 10:17 AM
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    I have found that if you just clear the browser cache, history and cookies on the phone itself you should have no problems with backup. Go to Options, Cache Operations in the browser and clear all entries. Get you a little memory back at the same time. If you are a heavy browser user this can get quite large. I notice no degradation in the performance of the browser but its slow to begin with so your mileage may vary.
    02-04-09 12:23 AM