1. yummymommy07's Avatar
    Hi i use my camara alot on my BB and what i do is send my pics using my BB email to my hotmail account so i can print. doing this for the past 2 years!! so to my surprise i all the sudden cant send due to some error ERRR! I tryed reversing the emails wont let me. and now i cant open my attachments. Please if you know anything i can do let me know. P.S i already have deleted my pics from my camara. thank god i saved them in my file.
    11-07-09 09:26 AM
  2. paimon.soror's Avatar
    I believe you need to load up the Desktop Manager and install the "Attachment Services" application. Thats the guy that controls if you can attach things to an email.
    11-07-09 09:40 AM