1. archer823's Avatar
    So in my search of finding a reliable IM client, I've come across these two products. I'm also digging the ability to make international calls from my Verizon 8130 on the cheap using VoIP.

    Does anyone use both and prefer one over the other? So far I'm liking EQO a bit more beceause of it's Yahoo IM support (which Nimbuzz does not have yet).
    12-14-07 02:54 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    I'm wondering as to why Jivetalk is not in this equation, I've never used any that you have mentioned, never had a need to with Jivetalk.
    12-15-07 02:41 AM
  3. castlerock611's Avatar
    I agree with bla1ze,i use to use the default im on my 8820 until jivetalk and i feel its the best,wish i started using it earlier,try it out,u wont be disappointed.
    12-15-07 08:40 AM
  4. dbltap's Avatar
    I used both. And deleted them to load JiveTalk. The international calls weren't VoIP. They dropped out to call over a phone network. It would call a local access number and then redirect your call to a switch in the city where the person you were calling lived...... IF... they were home. If they were not home, it didn't work.

    JiveTalk on the other hand has been a great client. The price isn't bad @ $20. I see coupons regularly for $5 off.

    I did some beta testing for IM+ and they gave me an unrestricted license for their IM product. It's pretty good too. I had used it on my Windows based phones for several years and I like it too. The price on that is pretty high @ $49.

    Most of the IM services now have a dedicated client for the BlackBerry. You might want to search on the Balckberry site for those.
    12-15-07 08:59 AM