08-12-11 09:02 PM
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    The problem in my estimation...is that RIM is frozen. Sure they've laid off 2000 or so, that will only add to their bottom line in the next quarter. Showing expenses have been shrunk, but where will the added sales come from? Will they still spen on R&D? My thinking is that this too will be shrunk. How do you re-invigorate their current staff roster, when the top tier management...the ones who've put then in this sink hole is still making those same dumb *** decsions? Would you suddenly believe your employer was heading in headed in the right direction with no new world class new hires?
    08-10-11 12:24 PM
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    Everyone else is doing tabs better than RIM. Even Moto with their half baked Xoom eventually got it right. Playbook is no where near where it needs to be & iPad 3 is just around the corner.
    Bruh, Moto just took an 800 million dollar loss. So I suppose your statement is based off of opinion, rather than fact.
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    08-10-11 01:07 PM
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    The smartphone market for consumers is moving faster than Brothers RIM (Jim & Mike) can keep up in the innovation department. For instance, Torch 9810 is released with faster CPU / better screen resolution to address 9800 shortcomings. Nevertheless, RIM releases 9810 with 5 meg camera when market has moved to 8 meg camera and still no front camera.

    RIM is trying to do all things (OS and hardware). Both right now are half-baked but QNX shows potential. Android smartphones makers have a huge advantage over Apple and RIM. They can push the hardware specs up while Google focuses on OS software.

    RIM makes bold statements to PB early adopters about Android App player by summer. Here we are in August and PB users are frustrated as ever. With RIM, you need the patience of Job. Problem is RIM's execution is not consistent. Jim & Mike are batting 200, there is no clean up hitter in the line-up, and the pitching line up look old compared to the competition.

    Can RIM rebuild the franchise around QNX OS or continue with missteps? As history shows in tech, there is no second chance (Apple / Jobs is a Black Swan). It's QNX, there is no plan B.
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    They did try to innovate, like introducing Wi-Fi music sync which was a really really great idea. They managed to muck it up though, and it's not because it's not useful. It's an absolute PITA to get it working for myself, but I gave up on it in the end and ended up with no Wi-Fi music sync.
    08-12-11 08:55 PM
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    I'd take a higher quality 5mp camera over an 8mp camera any day.

    I hope people keep complaining about RIM to keep them at their best, but not too much that they don't have a chance to show us what they got. We want competition. I'm with BB till the end though.
    08-12-11 09:02 PM
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