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    Hi all,

    I bought my BB storm in Hong Kong. I am from Europe
    but live in Shanghai (to make it more complex.)
    The phone i bought in HK cos in China its hard if not impossible to get.
    And, honestly i don't trust them that much. Anywayz, of course did i
    buy one unlocked and without service. All in all it works pretty smooth.
    Can surf online and so on. However my email i haven't got it to work yet
    so reading online it said i had to install Enterprise server software.

    To get access to the blackberry.com website says IP blocked.
    I guess they are trying very hard to keep them out for some reasons :-p
    So i set up my own proxy server (comes in handy living in china) so that problem is solved as well.

    I have started with downloading BlackBerry Desktop Software 5.0v
    english Without Media Manager.

    Whats the Media Manager for? Is it really needed?
    As for the Enterprise server software, seems i have to pay for this?
    It sounds more like if i want to run a business on the BB than it might
    come in handy. But for me, just a noob working with it, i guess it a bit
    over done.

    So howto receive emails on my bb Storm 9500.

    Cheerz from the land of noodle and bami pangang
    08-03-09 11:24 AM