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    First off, I just wanted to mention that I work for a large telecommunications company. We offer end to end solutions in just about every segment of the industry. Network, security, wireless, etc

    I ran into a coworker on the train last week. Both him and I both have the Z10 on the corporate network so the conversion stared. He is on the sales side so he has quite a bit of insight as to what his customers are doing.

    First off he mentioned that a few of his customers moved to android and iPhone and in his words "Hate it" for many reasons and IT administrators are having a hard time keeping tabs. He also mentioned that he has sold a number of BES10 solutions and that a number of defectors are returning to Blackberry.

    Has your company dropped BlackBerry in the past only to return? Post here.

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    04-13-13 07:51 AM
  2. DivideBYZero's Avatar
    The Z10 has just been approved by my corporation (6k employees), after I and six other early Z10 adopters took part in the BES10 Pilot. I expect to see quite a few of them at our sales kick off in LV shortly.
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    04-13-13 08:16 AM
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    What is your company using now?
    04-13-13 09:37 AM
  4. lurk_n_post_2000's Avatar
    We are byod, but we do have BES10 in production and BB10 was an option from day 1.

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    04-13-13 10:13 AM
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    BlackBerry OS, a brief flirtation with iPhone and a couple of approved android devices, but these platforms have to install Mcafee and other tools before acceptance.

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    04-13-13 12:15 PM
  6. darkshin0b1's Avatar
    I am also on corporate network, we have implemented the BBFUSION with BB10 as a pilot right now and will most likely follow through with it as our end solution. And most enterprises see the investment once RIM shares increase with productivity. Just my input..

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    04-13-13 12:23 PM

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