1. Atrus's Avatar
    Did a quick search and didn't see anything.

    I had my new BB 8330 (OS 4.5) connected to the BES on Tuesday at noon. All was fine (and still works fine), but suddenly at about 6:00 last night an icon showed up in the first spot. It looks like a breifcase with a blue arrow going into it (I have a Bold theme on the phone), and it's called "Enterprise Activation".

    If I open it, there's a white screen and all I see is one line that says "Status: Initializing Activation". The menu gives no real options - Select, Hide, Cancel, Switch App, Close.

    Any idea what this is? Is it supposed to be there? Everything is working fine, so should I just move it further down into the applications area so it's not glaring at me in my homescreen? I just don't understand why it suddenly showed up when the BB was on BES and functioning properly for ocer 24 hours already.

    11-20-08 09:14 AM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    That happened to me earlier this week. I eventually had to get IT to remove me from the Enterprise and put me back, after email quit working and neither I nor they could fix it. Strange problem. If it stays stuck in that mode, eventually you'll have a problem.
    11-21-08 12:11 AM