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    I switch to BB about 3 years ago. My first 1 was a pearl flip which in hind site was a mistake! I had 7 fail in 10 months! Then I got a 9700 which worked just fine. I have now upgraded to a 9810 and am already on my second 1. I get very little help from my provider because the warranty is done and my attempts to contact RIM have resulted in nothing more then politely word " off" responses.

    I have tried reloading os, resetting, restarting and battery pulls but I still have a huge list of problems that never seem to go away.

    The phone freezes a lot sometimes it even does it during restarts!

    The track ball moves on its own! I can't write e mails or even play solitaire!

    Even thou I have tons of open memory space I still sometimes get a message that memory is full and to delete messages.

    More then half the time when I receive a call they can not hear me! At first I thought it was service but when I switch to my bluetooth it works just fine.

    I set it so that the holster would not affect it because with the otter box it didn't work all the time but from time to time it will still affect it.

    Sometimes the menu lights will not turn off!

    I can't seem to get my e-mail setting to match. 1 account give me the option to delete on phone and hotmail the other just to delete. (the first 9810 worked fine that way it's only issue was the screen blinked on and off)

    Did I just get a bad phone or is the whole line like this? All the reviews I read before I purchased it were positive! Is there any way to fix this? I need a phone that works and I am thinking of going to the new Motorola because in the past I have never had a issue with their phones.

    Thank You
    03-23-12 02:10 PM
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    Sound like a defected phone. Return it for a better one.
    03-23-12 02:14 PM
  3. papped's Avatar
    The whole line isn't like that, otherwise nobody would be using it...

    The call audio problem is an OS7 problem, not specific to the handset.
    03-23-12 02:14 PM
  4. dusdal's Avatar
    Yup. Sounds like defective phone.
    03-23-12 02:16 PM
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    the torch line is one of the best they have, my opinion. my 2 9800's have been working awesome for over 2 years now. sounds like a faulty phone. how long is your warranty?? BTW I always buy the extended warranty for anything small and electronic. Never had to use them, but they were peace of mind.

    03-23-12 02:22 PM
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    thats definately a defective phone. return or exchange. I use 9810 myself and was happy with it.
    03-23-12 02:27 PM
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    There have been plenty of people that had to return Motorola's as well, so keep that in mind. These phones from any carrier/brand are mass produced and unfortunately some get out that are bad. Heck, sometimes whole batches get let loose out in the wild.

    Just the nature of the beast.

    Went through 3 9700's, 2 8900's and on Android 2 mytouch4G's. Just happens man.

    I say keep exchanging...

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    03-23-12 04:38 PM
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    i am on my 2nd blackberry, first was 9550, now got a 9860 2 month ago, neither of phone had given me any trouble, were perfect from start to finish, sold the 9550 since it was in perfect condition.
    03-23-12 04:49 PM
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    IF your going to invest in an expensive smartphone... Shop for a carrier that will sell you an extended warranty with replacement of defective units if you can.... My 9800 tanked... took it back to the vendor I bought it from and left with a replacement same day.....

    I feel you pain with RIM... I have been trying to return a defective Playbook bought at Staples but because my wife threw out the box Staples will not replace it and RIM will not talk to me unless I give them a credit card....

    Real expensive door stop.....
    03-23-12 04:55 PM
  10. belfastdispatcher's Avatar
    How can the warranty be done? This phone is not one year old yet.
    03-23-12 05:05 PM
  11. Tõnis's Avatar
    Maybe s/he exceeded the mileage ...
    03-23-12 06:16 PM
  12. anthogag's Avatar
    7 Pearl Flip phones in 10 months...really

    My previous 9800 had no hardware problems. I've been rockin my 9810 for about 3 weeks and so far no problems

    Your 9810 must be defective
    03-23-12 06:20 PM
  13. Ben1232's Avatar
    I just had to reload an OS on my second Blackberry. Know other problems since touch wood.
    03-23-12 08:09 PM
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    After 30 days "Rogers" tells me I have to deal with RIM and Rim tells me I have to deal with Rogers. The First 9810 messed up in the first week so it was no problem. The second went to 31 days so I am out of luck. My 9700 worked fine and I know people that are still using BB with the thumb wheel. I am just at the end of my rope with spending so much time maintaining my that should be making me money and saving time! I am willing to pay for a new 1 I just can't afford all this time making it work! It's just so maddening that company's don't stand behind their products anymore! I do everything I can to make my customers happy, and the #1 thing is answering calls and responding the messages!
    03-26-12 01:58 PM
  15. Rodminty's Avatar
    30 days. worked fine till 31 lol
    03-26-12 02:00 PM
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    Rogers may think it is a software problem. Take it into where you bought it and ask them to send it off to repair. There is a one year warranty on the phones, assuming you still have an account with them. The 30 days is just the limit to receiving a new device rather than repairing your existing one.

    When you do get it back from repair, only load apps from AppWorld that are approved for the 9810. When I went from the 9800 to the 9810 I used the device switch wizard and it brough across some of my OS6 apps and I think they gave me problems.

    Lastly, don't use the two piece cases on the Torch series. They can mess up the alignment of the sensor that tells the phone whether the keyboard is open or closed. I gave my 9800 to my son and he used one of the Mobi cases on it and after a few months he couldn't use the touch screen keyboard because the phone always thought the real keyboard was open. Rogers/Rim fixed this for us at no charge.
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    03-26-12 02:07 PM