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    My Blackberry Bold 9780 has failed me again. I can't help but feel that this is the end of an era. The era in which a Blackberry device was ultra reliable and "invincible" in my mind. I've used Blackberry phones for nearly ten years. Starting with the 8707 to 8320 to 9000 to the current 9780. Nearly all those years, I've never had problems with reliability.

    The 9780 is awesome in many ways, but the reliability, the thing I value most with BBs, is the worst I have experienced. Among other faults, two glaring problems have led me to this realization:

    1) Device sometimes won't charge with the charger. The charger works, but it will only charge the 9780 for a few seconds. Then the little "charging lightning" will disappear. Some mornings, I'll wake up to a dying battery. Is this a firmware fault? Is this simply a hardware fault with the charger? The phone will charge with the PC cable.

    2) The "last straw" happened last week when my 9780's alarm didn't go off. I woke up an hour later only to find that the BB was off and it would not turn on. I thought it must be a dead battery, but after two battery pulls, I found that it was 85% charged. I wasn't angry, but more worried. From now on I can rely on my Blackberry no longer. I've used my Blackberry as my alarm clock for almost ten years, and now I have to worry about it not going off.

    My once invincible brand is no longer "invincible". I don't like touch screens, but I need a smartphone. So I guess I'm stuck. There's really no point to this post. Just wanted to get my thoughts out in the open.
    08-30-11 02:29 AM
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    If it's still under warranty, get it exchanged. It's likely a hardware issue. Reloading the OS might help, or not. No doubt it's hardware. Tried a different microUSB charger at all?
    EDIT: it's not the end of an era when one person's device has hardware issues. Things happen.

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    08-30-11 02:44 AM
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    No brand is invincible. A defective phone will always make its way into someones hands, doesn't matter what company named is stamped on it.

    If it charges via computer, but the wall charger is iffy, try a different wall charger. As far as it turning off and not wanting to come back on, I would do an OS reinstall or a warranty exchange (if eligible).
    08-30-11 02:53 AM
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    I think he meant "the end of an era when he uses BB". For what it's worth, the situation is undoubtedly frustrating. After all, the phone is not that old to be giving you all these problems. I truly believe it's the hardware at fault, not the phone, and definitely not BB as a whole.

    It sounds like it might take some time for you to trust in the brand again, but just remember this: nothing in this world is certain, but death and taxes. You've had success with BB previously for 9 years for a reason and not because you're that lucky and kept getting good devices by pure luck. Your 9780 is just a faulty unit, which, IMO, is telling you to get the 99XX by giving you problems. Everything always happens for a reason.
    08-30-11 03:00 AM
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    Bb curve 9300 - had it just under a month and my nan died just 2 days before I went on holiday. That was two weeks ago. :'(

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    08-30-11 04:45 AM
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    Before exchanging it, I'd recommend and OS reinstall first, and definitely try another battery. The symptoms you describe can be caused by software, hardware, or simply a faulty battery. Explore all your options before giving up! Good luck.

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    08-30-11 06:42 AM
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    Here's another vote for a reinstall of OS (maybe even a downgrade) and perhaps weeding through apps to see if any of them are responsible for your problem. In my case, I use a Bold 9650 (quite similar to the 9780, I think) and it was doing a bit of unnecessary rebooting so I downgraded it from OS6 to OS5. It's been running like a champ since. OS6 is OK but I think it's just too taxing on the device's hardware resources. I also elected to "clean" install the third party apps I wished to keep after the downgrade, and left off a few that I suspected might be causing some problems. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I have no further issues.
    08-30-11 12:04 PM
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    I would of gladly traded your my iphone 4 for your 9780 For a while the alarm would go off at the wrong time or die in the middle of the day.. But Mostly it would work... Making calls and having great reception.. not so much

    I have about 15 9780s in the field with employees (Bes admin here) and haven't seen any issues so far in the past year.. Either that or they do Battery Pulls themselves, but most aren't that keen.
    08-30-11 12:11 PM