1. TDRock's Avatar
    I wrote Empower early this morning and so far I've heard nothing so perhaps one of you fabulous Crackberry heads knows something about this;

    I paid for EmpowerPro. So again, I have a registered version not a Trial. Last night this error message started appearing at the bottom of my incoming emails: "EMV: Connection Failure: License will expire soon."

    I have no idea what that means. Why would my license be expiring on a paid/registered copy?

    So then I went to my Empower Options under "About" and that same error message is there. There's a link that says getempower.com/ota but when I click it, it doesn't take me to an OTA (which I thought would be some kind of software upgrade) it takes me to what appears to be links to buy Empower products.

    I'm very confused by all of this. Has anyone else encountered this problem? If so what was the remedy?

    Empower v running on a Blackberry Curve 8320 OS

    Thanks much in advance.

    - Tania
    07-27-09 04:00 PM
  2. diffused's Avatar
    Just be patient and he will reply. When did you buy it? Does it still work?
    07-27-09 07:43 PM
  3. TDRock's Avatar
    ^^^ thanks, "he" replied very late last night. Is it just one person doing everything?
    07-28-09 02:54 PM
  4. diffused's Avatar
    I'm not sure if he is the only one since it says from the Empower Team. But did you get the license thing resolved anyway?
    07-28-09 04:42 PM