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    01-15-14 01:44 PM
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    I hope once everyone realizes how many apps they can sell when developing android apps for BB devices they will incorporate the BB side of things.
    01-15-14 02:00 PM
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    I hope once everyone realizes how many apps they can sell when developing android apps for BB devices they will incorporate the BB side of things.
    Why would they when they realize Android apps would be already selling? And most people most likely wouldn't care either way as long as they work. Devs wouldn't put in the extra effort. This is why I have been personally against Android apps from the beginning. At this point, BlackBerry with 10.2.1 is basically encouraging people to give up on BlackBerry World and find their apps elsewhere because they need to. Native apps have a much better feel with the phone, but they might as well be put to rest at this point. I hope Chen can find a way out of this mess :/

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    01-15-14 02:04 PM
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    I completely agree.
    Tweak the experience to make it run a little better than the current android apps, as long as it is solid as an android dev kit it may eventually gain traction.

    This can be dangerous though as it may further decrease the number of blackberry apps.

    I don't know enough about dev sdks and how similar the code is, but it would be nice if this tool could add some sort of a conversion to cascades. Obviously not in a whole but UI elements(swipe back) that give the android app a blackberry feel.

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    01-15-14 02:30 PM
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    Nobody else providing a platform and OS runs apps from other platforms, they have their own. Even coming late to the game with Windows Phone, MS has their own apps and ecosystem. I still don't understand why, when BB10 was being developed, they chose to use someone else's apps, especially Google. I suppose I just feel BlackBerry should've maintained their own apps from the beginning instead of supporting someone else's. Having made that decision, there's nothing else they could use since Android is the only one with zero standardization (WP and iOS apps for example can only be obtained from their respective stores unless you hack the OS. )

    Wouldn't fully embracing Google's "services" essentially make BlackBerry an off-shoot Android? Not an Android core, but Android everything else.

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    01-16-14 02:22 AM

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