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    I tried searching but the terms turn up so many results. I deleted a gmail account in order to add it again so I could take advantage of the new gmail plug in on the 9630. Although the OLD emails from that account still exist in 'Messages' they do not appear under the original email address' icon. New emails are fine. When I look at the old emails the message headers display 'Unknown' under 'Received using' so I think the link to the accounts was severed somehow. If I attempt to forward or reply an old message I can't even get a send option because of this. What needs to be done in order to see these messages where they are supposed to be?

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    08-23-09 11:17 PM
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    These messages don't actually belong to an email account anymore as you deleted the account.

    They will remain in the messages section as they are still messages but they won't ever appear back under the email icon as even though it's the same email address it's not the same as when they were received.

    The short answer is that you can't get them back under the email icon. Blackberry mail will only work with mail received since the account was set-up, in this case re-set-up so those messages will never go back to where you believe they should be. They'll be subject to your keep messages for setting and then they'll auto delete.

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    08-24-09 05:18 AM