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    We use Lotus Notes at work. I have several folders configured to filter my emails into. I have recently received a work 9900 and it was configured an activated on BES. I get the emails which by default come to my inbox fine and I can see my sent emails on the BB but any emails which end up in a folder in Notes are not being received on the BB.

    Does anybody know why this is? Can I change some settings or is it a case of speaking with out IT dept? (They are in Norway and I am UK based so not that easy)


    08-23-11 03:32 PM
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    Ok so I found the solution myself. this may help others in future.

    Under Email Preferences press the BB button and select Folder redirection. you then have to select all the folders you wish to receive emails to as it seems by default only the inbox is selected.
    08-24-11 04:10 AM