1. z3bum#CB's Avatar
    So, I searched and searched about this little problem to no avail.

    One of my clients has a Blackberry Enterprise server with a few users on it. Recently, one of the users noticed she gets some emails on the Blackberry that do not show up in Outlook. The emails have a tiny folder icon next to them, different than the un-opened email message icon or the icon that shows you have an attachment. Some of the emails have attachments, some don't.

    Anyway, no clue as to what this is about or how to fix it. She thought it might be our spam gateway, but emails that can get to the Blackberry have already passed through the spam gateway.

    Weird stuff... any ideas?
    06-19-09 10:51 AM
  2. katiepea's Avatar
    weird, never seen that one before
    06-19-09 11:26 AM