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    Hi, This is my first post here!

    I have one email account set up on my BlackBerry (it is a gmail account) and for some reason there is no 'sent mail' folder visible. Actually I don't even know where to find the 'spam' folder.

    In the Options, there is 'hide sent messages' which is set to NO. As well, if I go to Options >> Email Settings >> push menu button >> Folder Redirection, I am shown my email address and then underneath Inbox and Spam. No Sent.

    I know the sent messages are stored somewhere because if I search for something I have sent, it will come up. Once there is a reply, my message will show up in my inbox. As well, if I have sent myself something from my desktop, it shows up in my inbox looking like a sent message (with a check mark beside it). And messages sent from my blackberry show on my desktop gmail account in the sent folder.

    Where would I find the Sent and Spam folders?

    Oh and if it matters, my phone has OS 5 V5.0.0748

    Thanks for any help!
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    I'm not sure about OS 5, but on OS 6 you'll want to first go into Gmail. Hit the BB menu key and scroll to Filter. Change it from Inbox to Sent Mail. You should now see all of your sent mail.

    Also, your mail items (Inbox and Sent) will be individually visible within the Messages app.
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    Perfect, that's what I needed! Thanks!
    04-07-11 12:41 PM