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    The same exact thing happened to me and I'm still tring to sale my girlfriend pink pearl, Yep its a scam they tried to get my pearl they even had a fake paypal email and I called to see if it was legit and paypal said nope and then at the end of the email it said something about windows live ad so that was another indicator
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    10-14-08 06:48 PM
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    People just need to use common sense when it comes to things like that. Also try to think logically and reasonably...

    I heard about it, but I never saw it, but I guess there was a Dateline special a month or two ago about scams like this. The sad part is there is no real way to stop it.
    10-14-08 07:05 PM
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    This is hilarious. I actually work for UNICEF (NYC...not in the field) and we get calls from people in similar situations all the time, trying to validate the scammer's stories before making a move. It really is sad that they do this but moreso when people fall for it.
    10-14-08 07:11 PM
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    This is a slick version of the 419 scam or the Nigerian bank scammers.

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    10-14-08 10:27 PM
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    This is a slick version of the 419 scam or the Nigerian bank scammers.

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    Yeah when she said her son was in West Africa the Nigerian bank scam came to mind.

    Funny thing....I got another response from a guy who's son is also in West Africa who needs a Pink Pearl for his birthday! Really now!!!

    My response was I can't complete the transaction unless you are local and told him that he and his friends need not inquire about the item anymore or I would report it to the policia as attempted mail fraud.
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    Funny. This is what I got from my CL listing a few days ago:

    HI,I am still interested on the Blackberry 8110.as long as the Blackberry 8110 is in good condition i will pay the amount of the money.i will love it shipped to my daughter through USPS POSTAL SERVICE.This is a little suprise i want to make to her.she works with States Embassy(America Embassy)in Nigeria. You can reach me on the phone no below +447045718969.I have only two ways i can pay in the money and that is paypal or Merchant Express Money order.The shipping charge i will have that included.After payment is confirmed you can then ship it.Hope i can trust you.Hope to hear from you.

    I replied with an expletive. No response yet. Anyone losing their BB or money over something as obviously a scam as this...well, no sympathy here.
    10-15-08 01:49 AM
  7. Duvi's Avatar
    It's definitely a scam.

    This user seems to want you to choose the latter. It will be cash, but probably as good as monopoly money, FAKE!

    Even with Paypal... I'm just not sure how, but there is a scam here as well.
    10-15-08 02:15 AM
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    Gotta love people trying to pray on the honest people out there....I guess give them an "A" for effort...
    10-15-08 03:09 AM
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    Scams are not cool at all. One of my neighbors moved out a month ago. And Sunday some people knocked on my door asking bout them. I said why do you need this info so they explained. I guess he scammed someone online. The person lost a few thousand dollars. They were trying to serve him court papers. Then i find out the name he gave us (his neighbors) wasnt his real name one of his alias'. Hella crazy you never know who your neighbors really are.....
    10-15-08 03:17 AM
  10. johnmorganjr1's Avatar
    Probably total scam....what gets me is that they are still finding people to scam.
    10-15-08 09:22 AM
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