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    here is the problem - under options while in messaging while it click on the Email Reconciliation option - the page is blank. The only reason this is a problem is that I want to turn off the "delete on Mailbox and Handheld" question. I posted this question in the 8130 section but thought I might get a few more eyes on it in this forum

    09-16-08 03:22 PM
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    I haven't seen your particular problem before, but it's possible you just need to either re-register your host routing table, or re-send your service books. Both are simple.
    To re-register, Options / Advanced Options / Host Routing Table / Menu / Register Now
    To re-send your service books, go to Verizon's BIS web-site and find the instructions to re-send them. Or you can run your email setup wizard. It will also give you the option to re-send them.

    BTW, please don't double post. Most of us look at all the technical forums, and double posting wastes everyone's time when we answer the same question more than once.
    09-16-08 10:46 PM
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    Jeff, I also go to messages, options, email reconciliation and it's completely blank. I have tried both of these options as well as wiping my device and restoring it. I have a blackberry storm 9530. It is still blank! Any other ideas on how to fix this problem?? Also in my blackberry desktop manager the box under synchronize that says reconcile email is grayed out...no idea why

    Please help!

    Thanks, Nicola
    11-30-08 07:45 PM
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    Hey Jeff, Never mind I wiped the device again and tried both again it seems to have worked. Thanks
    11-30-08 07:54 PM
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    Are you receiving email? Have you set up email on your Storm?

    EDIT: I just noticed my reply crossed yours. Glad you got it solved. Welcome to the forums!
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    11-30-08 07:58 PM
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    Hi Jeff... I am having the same issue. On my pearl with ATT I would read an email on the phone and that would show it as read in my yahoo account...But with the storm when I go to edit my yahoo account connection it says email reconciliation is disabled on this device. When I go to email options, email reconciliation, the page is blank. Is it because Verizon doesnt provide this service? I tried re registering the host routing table but it still doesnt work
    12-16-08 01:25 AM
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    I'm afraid I can't help you. I don't understand how the email options reconciliation page could be blank. It should show the options for all the email accounts on your device. I don't use yahoo. I have wireless reconcile as an option for my BIS as well as BES accounts.

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    12-16-08 09:11 AM
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    I found that when I deleted the email on my phone and then set it up again it worked. Problem solved...Thanks
    12-19-08 04:09 AM
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    Is ther a shortcut for doing a reconcile from my 8330. I would like to push one button to do a recdoncile instead of open mail menu scroll down to reconcile mail and push.
    12-21-08 05:49 PM
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    Sorry, but I don't think there is any shorter way to get to reconcile.

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    12-21-08 09:23 PM
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    Thanks Jeff for the fast answer.
    12-22-08 09:10 AM