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    i've had this problem for almost 6 weeks, just realised that there is help beyond my mobile provider. hope you all can help.

    My blackberry email completely disappeared from my phone at the end of jan, i originally that is was a glitch and thought i could re-setup my email ad as i did before when i got a handset replacement in december.
    my hotmail icon disappeared too, but i managed to set that up quickly on the handset itself. but my blackberry email is in "quarantine" as orange uk put it.
    no one is able to tell me whats going on, I've been losing business since then and its a pain.

    did try sending an email to it but it gets returned as undelivered.

    anyone had this problem before.

    Orange uk are liasing with blackberry but blackberry say they can release the email from quarantine till they have more data, what data i don't know and neither do my network.

    someone please help!
    03-07-10 09:16 AM