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    Hi, I bought a 8900 curve yesterday with the sole purpose of being able to get email sent to and from my two personal email accounts (with sky and ntl) sent to my blackberry. I am on O2 network and have used the setup email wizard to enter both email addresses and passwords - it waits a while then accepts these. However, when I go to compose new email it tells me that "no message services configured. You will only be able to save in draft". Please please please can someone tell me what I am doing wrong (i am very novice), all I want to do is to get my emails sent to both my blackberry and to microsoft outlook and to be able to synchropnise the two - is there a step by step guide as the instruction manual doesnt tell me much. Thanks for your help
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    It's a little hard to tell what you have or have not done, but try going to this link: BlackBerry - BlackBerry Internet Service Support where you will find setup instructions, etc. This is the NA site and I'm guessing you are in the UK since you're on O2, so you will probably want to look for the right UK / regional equivalent of this page. (you can start at blackberry.com > choose country > .........)

    Need to make sure your O2 account is set up for BIS, that O2 "registered" your device PIN for your blackberry.net account, and if not you can do it at the provider site (I'm not sure of the URL for O2 but the convention is "provider_name.blackberry.com" where you do your account setup.

    After setting up your accounts, be sure to send the service books.

    Perform the ubiquitous and obligatory battery pull.

    Should be good to go.

    From an expectation standpoint, your BB will not synchronize with your Outlook (that would require BES), but incoming emails should go to both inboxes. Depending on the email provider, outgoing email will show up in both boxes (or not) -- ex gmail works that way, some others don't. without BES it will require a 3rd party app to synchronize your contact, calendar and tasks wirelessly -- can do it wired with Desktop Manager.

    Hope that helps.

    Welcome to Crackberry, Welcome to Blackberry, and good luck. You WILL enjoy after you get over the learning curve!!
    03-21-09 07:56 AM
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    Hi, Thanks for your help. I was having thoughs of sending the thing back!

    Anyway, I called O2 and they asked for my PIN and could see the two email accounts which I had set up. They are sending the service books within 20 minutes (i have no idea what this means!), after which I get the all important task of removing the battery!

    For future reference, what are the service books and could I have done this any other way?

    My next step is to try and work out why I dont have voice directions in the BB maps. Would a knowlegable chap like you know this - if not, ignore my cheek and I'll check the forums.

    Kind regards
    03-21-09 08:28 AM
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    Service Books are the setup files that are sent to the BB to enable the email accounts, and some other application features on the BB. When you go on your BB account setup page at provider_name.blackberry.com one of the options there under settings in the upper left hand corner is "Service Books" -- click on that and they will be resent to your BB. You will quickly get a "Congratulations ......." message sent to each of your mailboxes which confirms that the service books have been resent. Resending service books is a close relative of pulling the battery for fixing BB issues

    I can't say for sure if this would have fixed it by itself, because it's not clear if O2 had set up your account correctly or not. However, if / when your BB stops getting emails, or other send/receive issues show up, resending service books is indeed one of the corrective steps you can take yourself. Not saying it is a magic pill every time, but often it can be the fix.

    As for doing it another way -- given that this is a new account, I think the right way was as you did -- call and have O2 check the account setup.

    No voice in BB maps could be solved with the service book resend as well. I don't have an 8900 so someone else will have to comment on whether voice is/is not enabled for BB maps on 8900.

    Hope that helps.
    03-21-09 11:14 AM
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    Thanks for your help. I now have the service books and can send email. However, if Outlook is running on my PC the emails do not go to my BB, they go straight to Outlook - is there something which I can do to change this. I was under the impression that a copy would go to each.

    Also, my desktop manager doesnt seem to sync my contacts even though it seems to be set up for this. It recognises my BB but when I press sync nothing happens. The reconcile messages box is also greyed out.

    Sorry to be a pain, once this is sorted I hope to get back to a normal life which isnt obsessed with my BB like it is at the moment.

    Kind regards
    03-22-09 05:10 AM
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    Did you setup sync? I did this. Open Dm go to sync then under configuration click synchronization. After that click the synchronization for desktop program. Select address book. It should ask you for a desktop application. Select outlook. Do two way sync. Select user profile. Then finish. It should work.
    As far as emails going to device while you have Outlook open it does the same thing for me. When Outlook is open I dont get emails on my device. I dont think there is anything that can be done about it. I could be wrong though.
    03-22-09 07:02 AM
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    Not sure of the options for the email service you are using that Outlook is fetching from, but .....

    check your settings to be sure you have it configured to "leave email on server" when Outlook fetches the email. This may or may not fix it. I use gmail webclient to avoid this issue as I have been frustrated by it in the past with Outlook and other email clients. I use Outlook for PIM data but not email as a result. My Outlook experience with email is mostly in an enterprise / BES / Exchange server environment, but that is an entirely different ballgame than BIS.
    03-22-09 07:38 AM
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    Thanks. Is the setting to leave the mail on the server within outlook, or is it something I need to do through the email provider?
    03-22-09 08:55 AM