1. Jane Avon's Avatar
    My emails were delayed coming to my phone over the past couple of days. During the night they did come through. Today I been watching my laptop and the emails were coming through with no problem, but not onto my phone, which they usually do within a second. I phoned Orange who took my email address off the phone and then put it back on. She sent me an email which came through straight away. I thought it had worked but then other emails didnt. Ive taken it to a mobile phone shop who did the same thing, and their email came through too.....but nothing since.Ive phone Google to check email address, she said the network is slow.Ive turned Wi Fi off the phone at the moment.
    Son has taken a look and now I cant send emails via my phone which I could do before!! Can anyone help me please?
    01-07-13 04:05 PM
  2. cjcampbell's Avatar
    Not sure why you can't send anymore... that's a bit of a problem. The delay's, however, I think have to do with Google (I assume you are talking about Gmail?). There have been a few of us that have noted delays as of late. It has to do with them dropping Active Sync. They said they would drop support come the end of January but I think they've started early.
    01-07-13 04:14 PM

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