1. apathyhigh's Avatar
    I got an email from Blackberry Internet Service on the 22 that told me to:
    update my password in the Blackberry Internet Service, that I would no longer be receiving emails to my blackberry until I did so.

    This is how it tells me to do it:
    * click the email setup application on your device.

    i did that, i can't remember my username or password, so it won't let me log in to change it. & when i click "forgot password" it gives me a confirmation page saying my password has been sent to my device... I have tried three times, and no password has come.

    *Using a browser on your computer, go to the blackberry internet service web site.

    same as above.

    I have tried to change my hotmail password and I am still not receiving emails! This is extremely frustrating!!!

    HELP !!!!!!!!!!
    12-27-08 03:01 AM
  2. NYGriego74's Avatar
    If you can't do it that way, for some reason, just google your service provider and include blackberry internet service (or BIS) on your computer. So, it should look like this.... AT&T, blackberry internet service. Then, you're good to go! Just bookmark the site for later use. I do the same thing with my windows live account every 90 days.
    12-27-08 05:21 AM
  3. Go Blue's Avatar
    your web access will be found at bell.blackberry.com

    every once in a while your bis service will send this message when it can't access your regular emaill account. you just need to re-enter your password to reauthorize your account.

    if you've requested that it be sent to you, it should arrive in your blackberry.net mailbox on your BB. check to make sure this mailbox isn't hidden on your main screen, but in any event the message should show up in the "messages" inbox (it's possible you never set this account up and if that's the case then you won't get this message either)

    if that doesn't work, and if you've forgotten your bell.blackberry.com password, you can't access to reset your password either on your BB or on the website, and you will have to call Bell tech support to get it reset.

    hope that helps
    12-27-08 07:42 AM