1. ram504's Avatar
    Hi all new here. I have a Blackberry Curve on the Verizon network and have a love hate relationship with it. My problem is that my Blackberry will sometimes not receive emails. Example I emailed a client at 1130am and never got a response till about 3 hours later on my phone. I looked at the time on the message when i opened it and the time was 1132am. What the heck this happens all the time. When I get back to my laptop and open up Outlook i have tons a messages that the BB didn't get. I use Yahoo Mail Plus and Yahoo Web Hosting. In advance thanks for all the help!
    10-30-09 07:05 PM
  2. mustangv8's Avatar
    The past 2 days I have been having trouble receiving and sending emails with my storm. i use hotmail and yahoo. And a few never went through and a couple were quite delayed.
    The service from BB and vz has been real shotty lately. especially after this glitch prone update that was supposed to be the cureall of storm 1 users. yea right.
    10-30-09 08:17 PM
  3. mrotsbb's Avatar
    Yep... VZ said it was a Yahoo issue. Went through tons of changes and reboots with VZ. Both of my emails are through yahoo. Been having trouble since wed-ish. Ranging from minutes to hours to half-day to some but not all????....
    10-30-09 08:33 PM