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    Last phone: 8320 Tmo
    My email is a personal business domain and my provider changed from webmail to webmail 2.0, it stopped working and I changed the default email server through BIS, it then worked great.

    New Phone: 8530 VZW
    Same address, same provider, same problem, I forgot what I changed the default email server name to and now I cant find the solution.

    My email provider is of NO HELP. The BB lists it as POP and the default mail server is: mail.mydomain.com I cant change any settings through my internet email.

    Q: Can I have some suggestions as to what to change it to?

    I vaguely remember making a simple change to the server name and it worked, however, I have tried the obvious ones such as: pop/pop3/domain/(mail.mydomain.com)
    05-26-10 11:17 PM