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    Really, i don't know what to do.....

    I had few gmail accounts on my Bold, manually set in imap (enter only the email address without the pass, press continue etc etc) in my bis account.
    With the last BIS upgrade gmail is set in imap mode by default.
    So i've removed and reconfigured (automatically this time, just put email address and password) all my gmail accounts.
    I've also added some other new gmail accounts.
    Problem is:
    - deleted emails of old gmail accounts (removed and restore) are not sync. If i delete an email from the web or pc (imap), email is not removed from my BB.
    - deleted emails of NEW gmail account, are perfectly sync. If i delete an email from web, is deleted from my BB too.

    Of course i tried everything, web settings are the same for all gmail accounts. And BIS settings are fine for all emails (sync of deleted emails enabled)
    This issue occurs with and without the gmail plugin.
    What can i do? my i directly contact RIM (by email for example) to find a solution? I really don't know what to do... only new accounts i've never added before... work...
    09-26-09 06:56 PM
  2. New Fire Within's Avatar
    I'm in the same spot. After the BIS upgrade and the new Gmail plug-in, I can't get the emails to delete off of my BB when they are deleted from the web or other IMAP client.
    09-26-09 09:23 PM
  3. Danielem's Avatar
    i thought i was the only one....

    Are you using Thunderbird from your PC?
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    09-27-09 05:28 AM
  4. Xander99's Avatar
    According to the BB official knowledgebase, deleted item reconciliation is supposed to work on IMAP & Gmail mailboxes, however, in real life, I've never ever seen it working. I've had about a 100 calls at work about this, employees configuring their personal email accounts, and even with Wireless Reconciliation set to ON, Delete emails from: handheld&mailbox, etc. If you delete emails from gmail.com or Thunderbird/Oulook/Eudora/whatever, the deleted emails won't dissapear from your phone.
    10-04-09 02:33 AM