1. talisa1's Avatar
    how do i get my email to alert my blackberry that i have a email i.e. google mail.
    04-11-08 07:27 PM
  2. wabbit's Avatar
    You need a data plan then setup T-Mobiles bis once you set bis up add your acct to it and it will start pushing you emails

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    04-11-08 07:33 PM
  3. talisa1's Avatar
    i have a data plan with at&t. i set up bis and added my account but its not pushing to my phone. perhaps there is a way to do it manually? i'll keep trying, thanks.
    04-11-08 07:52 PM
  4. wabbit's Avatar
    ack sorry on thw wrong carrier, wap dont show, and i cant even remeber where i got that carrier from.

    the bb wont reconcile with the email acct, it will / or should push new messages to the device while leaving a copy for you to retrive with lets say outlook.

    one thing to check is did your phone get a new folder on the home screen with your email address? ex:account@gmail.com since you did mention it was a google acct. ( i think i got this right)
    04-11-08 08:02 PM
  5. talisa1's Avatar
    lol, thats ok. yes, a new folder is on my home screen with my email acct.
    04-11-08 08:07 PM
  6. wabbit's Avatar
    try this, run the setup wizzard or if you setup the bis acct with a login and password use https://bis.na.blackberry.com/html?brand=mycingular

    if you didnt set an acct login use the webset up should bring you into the bis site at the bottom of the phone it should say service books and a way to resend them.

    their should be a link service books, just resend them,
    just a note tho, it wont sync to gmail, only new mails will get pushed to the device.
    04-11-08 08:14 PM
  7. talisa1's Avatar
    ok i'll try that, thanks again!
    04-12-08 12:59 PM
  8. Duvi's Avatar
    Are you using Gmail?

    You put that as an example, but didn't state if that was what you were using.

    If not, are you using hotmail?
    04-12-08 01:31 PM