1. soo homeless's Avatar
    Hey I'm kinda new here so I don't know if this has been already asked but when you send emails does that go into your texts or data bill? because i have unlimited data but only 5000 texts.
    02-27-10 11:39 PM
  2. snowindec9's Avatar
    emails are part of the blackberry data plan. they are not considered texts. blackberry data plan is the internet which has a charge of $30 a month. there is a $20 texting fee i remember correctly. so two separate things with two different payments.
    02-27-10 11:50 PM
  3. soo homeless's Avatar
    OK i was just wondering that, because i started emailing people because i started going over on my texts and i wasn't sure if that would count towards more texts.
    02-28-10 12:40 PM
  4. sdmcwilliams's Avatar
    See if any are on Blackberries and hook up with them on Blackberry Messenger. It is also part of your data plan and will not use your texts. I also use the Yahoo Messenger for a couple others. You can use AOL IM, Google Talk, too. They all use data.

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    02-28-10 01:10 PM