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    Hi all.

    I have my own domain which is currently registered with 1and1. I want to have any emails that come addressed to my domain name to be forwarded to both my home PC and my Blackberry. I understand that 1and1 don't support Blackberry so does anyone have any suggestions as to a host that will send emails to both my home PC and Blackberry (preferably cheaply)

    I ask this because I assume (and correct me if I'm wrong) but if I setup my Blackberry to pull emails from the 1and1 exchange that they won't come down to my home PC, so I need a means where there the emails are sent to both.

    Any opinions?
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    I am not sure why you are experiencing a problem.

    If your email is being forwarded to a POP/IMAP server, both your home computer and your BlackBerry can recieve the mail.

    If it is being forwared to a web base email, you should still have BlackBerry access.

    Have you tried forwarding a copy to your BIS address? That was created when you first registed with BlackBerry and will have the format:

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    It looks like Vodafone / BB has really dropped the ball on this. The phone turned up the other day, but I got no documentation or activation codes or anything (didn't even have a number to ring to activate the SIM!) The SIM is apparently getting activated tonight so perhaps I get all this information emailed to me after that. Be nice if they told me all this after spening 400 on a contract!

    I've looked into 1and1 and there's no problem with forwarding to multiple email address, so provided I do eventually get one for my phone then it should be a problem. Thanks for the fast response.
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    In simple terms 1and1 provide POP mail so the Blackberry can pick up the email.

    You need to go to your carriers BIS website and set up an account for yourself. Register the phone by PIN number and IMEI number and then you can set up your email address.

    Use the same 1and1.co.uk details as you have on your PC and the email will go to your Blackberry as wel as your PC.

    Bear in mind once you pick up email on your PC unless you have it set to leave a copy on the server it will be gone from the server and then will never appear in the Blackberry or if it does get to the Blackberry it will be automatically removed from the phones inbox at the next check as the phone's inbox mirrors the servers.

    Also, as you'll be using POP mail make sure you set up a BCC on your BIS service for sent items. Then you can keep a track of all your mail on the PC otherwise items sent from the Blackberry will never appear anywhere other than the phone itself.

    What you want to do is easily do-able. Good luck.

    Try going into your Vodafone store with your email details and asking them to set it up for you. Even if Vodafone aren't much help then you'll find almost all your questions will be anwered here.
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    Thanks mark-d, really helpful. Fortunately 1and1 do let me forward emails to multiple address so I can send a copy to my home PC as well as the Blackberry - now that I know I am provided with an email address.

    Good tip about BCC'ing myself into the sent mails. Hadn't thought of that!

    Wish they would hurry up and activate the sim so I can start playing with this stuff!
    08-09-09 02:14 PM