1. krash007's Avatar

    We have a very strange issue.
    We have an intranet form that sends an email after submitting the form.
    We receive the email correct on hotmail/Lotus Notes/different BB devices ...
    If we forward the mail by using hotmail (IE) the content remains. (hotmail marks the mail as suspicious, not sure if that might be related to the problem)
    Forwarding the mail by using lotus / domino -> OK
    BUT if we forward that same email message by using a BB device we only receive the new text that has been added. The old message is completely gone.
    The sent message on the BB looks OK, but the one you receive (if you sent it to your own BB device) doesn't show the email history.

    This only happens with the mail generated from the form , other mails are forwarded perfectly...
    This is so strange :s

    We have our own bes server but I can't find a policy that might be responsable for this strange behaviour...

    Does this sound familiar to someone ? Please help me out
    thx !
    04-27-11 04:21 AM
  2. Callumlord's Avatar
    It maybe that your inbox on hotmail or whatever got full and removed them all for you to start again. If you think this might be the case then let me know if not let me know too and I can look into it more for you
    04-27-11 09:25 AM
  3. krash007's Avatar
    Mailbox certainly wasn't full.
    It always happens with the same email generated from a form.
    And the body of the initial mail (content of the form) only gets deleted after forwarding the mail by using a blackberry device.
    If we forward the mail by using hotmail / lotus /... everything is working fine.
    New text the we add on top of the email that we're trying to forward is not deleted.

    initial mail is :

    you forward and add the text : OK

    The BB/BES/... deleted the old content and the only text that shows in the mail is

    So a,b,c and d are gone without error/message/...

    thanks !
    04-27-11 09:39 AM
  4. albee 1's Avatar
    Look on a pc in your junk folder and mark them as "not junk" and move to "inbox". I'm suspecting the account wonders if it is spam since it has not been clarified.

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    04-27-11 09:45 AM