1. aquaj13's Avatar
    I am thinking of switching from at&t to Verizon. I am sick of not having 3G.
    Can someone give me an example of how faster or better 3G is to EDGE.
    I have had the Bold, Iphone, and neither got 3G where I live on at&t.
    Please help.
    10-11-09 11:07 AM
  2. devGOD's Avatar
    it just all depends what you do... iphone is an entertainment phone so 3g is needed... BB if you're using it as a GPS, streaming music, watching videos online... things like that 3g would be ideal. but for the everyday business use emails, sms, calls, handling business contacts... edge would be perfect for.

    Thats why you see so many BB models some with 3g and some without... 3g does require more battery power and RIM does provide bigger batteries on newer models. But personally to be honest 3g is nice but its not one of the features I was looking for when I purchased the 8900 and my next BB upgrade if it has 3g great if it doesn't i'm fine with it.
    10-11-09 11:19 AM
  3. Chaldo's Avatar
    Where do you live? is there 3G anywhere around you? Why not ask a AT&T store when 3G is projected to come by? I honestly feel like going to Verizon just over 3G would be silly if 3G is soon coming in your area because the fact that WCDMA 3G has way more higher standers then CDMA EVDO. Verizon is pretty much stuck at the speeds they are at now, and have to deploy 4G just to keep up with the future demands/ demands now. AT&T can have there 3G and upgrade it to 7.2mbps, 21 mbps and I think it goes farther then that. So that is why AT&T 3G would beat Verizon's EVDO 3G in my opinion.
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    10-11-09 11:20 AM
  4. aquaj13's Avatar
    I live in southern West Virginia. The map shows verizon 3g here but at&t none. I use my BB for a little everything: web, music, downloading, email, organizer and awesome phone.
    It just makes me mad that I buy a device to be fast (3G) and 3G is not even available to me.
    EDGE is decent and gets the job done but I was wondering if 3G would do it better.
    10-11-09 11:54 AM
  5. Chaldo's Avatar
    3G would do better. AT&T Coverage Viewer put your address in that, look up DATA and zoom out till you see 3G coverage, if its close I wouldn't be surprised if your area is next/ or coming soon.
    10-11-09 11:55 AM
  6. aquaj13's Avatar
    checked out the map and I am only in EDGE. closest place 3g is in is charleston which is about 3 hours from me.
    Verizon is looking better, also verizon is making the jump to LTE soon. That will better than 3G wouldn't it?
    10-11-09 12:01 PM
  7. Chaldo's Avatar
    They are making the jump to LTE but soon in your area? who knows. Like I said they have to move to LTE because there EVDO technology just cant go any faster, now the 3G UMTS/HSPA technology AT&T uses can support faster speeds. Now when LTE comes out, who knows when handsets with LTE support will appear, I bet Verizon will launch LTE DATA cards first then handsets. Why don't you call a local AT&T store, or AT&T themselves and ask if they have a time period when 3G will be launched in your area? AT&T will also be moving to LTE after Verizon.
    10-11-09 12:12 PM
  8. ctt0002's Avatar
    i prefer EDGE. Because i don't download anything on my phone except for little apps, themes, etc. Small stuff that doesn't take long. I receive email, txt, mms, pins, all the good stuff relatively fast on EDGE.

    I'm always surrounded by wifi so i guess if i ever needed something fast then i could just connect to it. But either way, i'm glad i have no need for 3g because it would only drain my battery even faster.
    10-11-09 01:26 PM
  9. CRT's Avatar
    The whole reason I jumped to vzw from att was att's lack of 3g in my area. I live about and hr out of Atlanta and have vzw 3g everywhere. Att hasn't expanded any that I can tell- they only cover the major metro areas. Vzw covers almost the whole state.
    10-11-09 03:01 PM
  10. FruitLoopz's Avatar
    Iphone definitely you need to use 3g so it maximize the performance the for is made to be.
    10-11-09 03:34 PM