1. anton980's Avatar
    Hi everyone! I'm planning a trip to Belarus soon and was curious if anyone has ever heard of mobile maps of that part of the world, hopefully with GPS support. Unfortunately, Google Maps only show 3 or 4 major highways for the entire country, as does BB maps software. I'm just wondering if there are any commercial packages available for that. Thanks!

    08-13-07 08:07 PM
  2. KEHT's Avatar
    Belarus is sparsely covered by cellular coverage. Even the MS Autoroute 2007 PC GPS package doesn't have the full road coverage of the country (I was there a month ago). The only other thing you can do is download Oziexplorer and try to find some ported old Soviet map scans. It worked really well for me in Ukraine last month.
    08-24-07 09:23 PM