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    Normally, whenever I send a "Locate" email to my BlackBerry (which is using Family Locator from e-Mobile), it returns a message that it can't find my location (the software should find the BB location and email it back).

    However, if I use a GPS utility (such as GPS Tool) to turn on my GPS first, Family Locator works fine and returns my location.

    Close the GPS Utility, and Family Locator can't find my location again.

    It's as if Family Locator can't access my GPS for some reason unless another application opens the GPS first.

    e-Mobile support has been wonderful in trying to help me figure it out, but so far no luck.

    Just wondering if any of this sounds familiar to anyone?

    I do have LOCATION ON enabled in my BB GPS options.
    05-03-11 09:22 PM