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    Hey all, I've searched the forums and didn't see anything relating to my problem so here it is. Hopefully someone can give me advice or point me in the right direction.

    I have a BB Curve 8310 with AT&T and use BIS to send my emails. I have a personal email account and a work email account set up on it--both are POP3 accounts. My problem is with the work account. I receive all my incoming work email on my BB just fine. I can send mail as well. The problem occurs when I am sending to another employee in the company. In other words, the @address.com part of our email address is the same. When I send to someone in the company they do not receive my email that I sent from my BB.

    When I first set my account up it worked fine--at least once that I can confirm. I'm not sure if I did something or not but it quit soon after that.

    I do not get any error message that the message bounced back or anything. The message just seems to float out in cyberspace, lost forever. The recipient within the company never gets it. I've checked with my the IT guy who takes care of the email/firewall for the company. He said he does not see the email sitting out there anywhere and that he doesn't see any reason for it to not get delivered. I've talked to AT&T tech support and they had me do some stuff with the service books and then test the account by sending an email to them. Of course AT&T received the email since they are outside of our "domain" so they said the email account is working.

    I deleted the work account thru the BIS website and then re-added it. After doing this, I was able to get 1 email thru to a coworker but then it reverted back to my emails not being received again---only when sending within my work domain. If I send to someone outside of the company/domain they go thru just fine. The problem only exists when sending within the same domain.

    Where are my outgoing emails going --why aren't they making it to the recipient within the company? Is this a problem with my company's firewall? If so, how come I receive all my incoming company email on my BB and can send outside of the company? It's just a problem with my outgoing company mail going to another address within the company. My IT guy says he doesn't see anything on his end....

    I'm sure the problem has to be on my IT depts end. It almost seems as if when the account is first set up fresh on the BB, the email makes it past the firewall but then the firewall makes a change and starts blocking them or something. Can someone help me or tell me where to have our IT guy look to fix this?

    We do not have an exchange server or BES. Email is strictly POP3. However thru our company's web page there is a link we can click to login and get our email on the web if that makes any difference in setting up the work account in a different way on BIS.

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated!!!!! Thank you!
    01-21-08 07:36 PM