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    So I set up my email account this mourning with no problems however I have recently run into a problem...Essentially I have my school e-mail which is used for my business school updates and the I have my g-mail account which I use for my work etc- I have set my school acount to forward all e-mails to my gmail account and thus have set up my gmail account so that whenever I send an e-mail from gmail my return email is always my school e-mail address as it is my full name and I need to respond to professor etc. My question for you is how can I on my blackberry send emails from my account with my school email account rather than my gmail account- is there any way to change what address is your default? Also, everytime I send an email I get a copy of it for myself- how can I put an end to this? Thanks all for the help!

    11-21-08 09:04 PM
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    You could always make your school email your default email and download the gmail app. That way you have both on your device.

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    11-21-08 11:10 PM