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    I have a question relating to sending e-mail from the blackberry.

    I have my own personal domain and pay for server space so I have my own personal e-mail address. I use both webmail and Outlook to currently access my e-mail. I basically leave messages on the server for 2 weeks and download to outlook.

    For some reason, AOL thinks that the e-mail that I send from my server is spam so they have it blacklisted. So any e-mail I send directly from my webmail or routed through my server to an AOL account is rejected. However, when using MS Outlook, if I route the e-mail through my ISP (road runner) when sending the e-mail, AOL receives the e-mail with no problems.

    I've tried unsuccessfully to get whatever is blacklisted off of AOL's list but have given up and just resorted to sending e-mail to AOL addresses through my Outlook using my ISP instead of through the server.

    If I were to get a blackberry, would sending an e-mail message to an AOL account be routed through my server, causing AOL to reject the message? Or would it be routed through RIM's servers and make it through? Basically what is the SMTP when using POP e-mail?
    09-02-09 11:36 AM
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    Depends on how you have it set up in your outlook I would guess. It is just like any other email except you are hosting it yourself. Do you use IMAP or POP when you have it in your outlook? I'd guess pop3 and set it up that way in your BIS acct. It should go through normally if it is just being pushed to your phone. You could always test it out too once it is set up.

    RE the AOL acct, you can't add yourself to the approved section?
    09-02-09 11:44 AM
  3. lawtai's Avatar
    I don't own an AOL account, so I'm not sure how to add myself to the approved section?

    In Outlook, I use POP3 with the Incoming server my paid server, and the outgoing server as my ISP.

    If I use the outgoing server as my paid server, AOL bounces my e-mails.
    09-02-09 12:36 PM