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    Greetings all. Before I purchased my Storm, I owned the curve (verizon version). I had set up 2 web-based e-mail accounts on it, namely yahoo mail, and gmail. After I bought the 9530, I sold the curve to a friend of mine. He went ahead and set up his own e-mail accounts on the freshly 'wiped' curve, and all systems were go. Well he eventually got the Storm bug, bought it, and passed the curve on to his wife. She proceeded to 'wipe' the device again, and put in her own info. The quandary is, that every time she attempts to enter her own e-mail account info via the set up wizard, she gets an error message reading "An account already exists for this PIN". After that , it would not let her proceed at all with the e-mail set up. I thought it odd that her husband, after using the same set up procedure, had no problem with HIS set up, while she got kicked out of the feature, without even getting to input her account info?

    Sorry for rambling,folks. But any suggestions/remedies would be appreciated.
    12-11-08 01:00 PM
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    Gotta call the carrier and release the PIN to her. Anytime you get a new BB you need to release your old PIN and update your account with the new PIN.
    12-11-08 01:17 PM
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    Thanks for the quick reply to what I'm sure is a pretty basic question to most folks on this board. But hey, I'm a BB ' work in progress '
    12-11-08 01:28 PM