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    Hi there,

    I bought a Duracell 1800 mAh charger specifically so that I could charge my iPod touch and 9900 on the go, plus my spare battery just ever in case there was the need for it. However, I found that no micro USB charger (stock or third party) doesn't seem to want to charge my 9900. It complains that the power source isn't able to charge my BlackBerry device. It charges my old Sony Ericssons, friend's Androids, friend's iPhones etc. but just not any BlackBerry devices. It doesn't even charge my 9700. I have had the same issue ages ago when I had my USB cable, but no wall charger. I plugged my USB cord into my friend's iPhone wall charger and it wouldn't charge my 9900, saying it didn't have the correct power or something. Has anyone else experienced this?

    06-22-12 06:26 AM