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    I recently set up a new email address on my blackberry for a new webpage/company that is starting up. I have a couple of other emails on there, and haven't seen this problem before.

    When someone sends an email to this new address, it comes through twice, when I respond, my response is not duplicated it is only from the sender.

    I do not have the email set up twice on the blackberry internet service website.

    I created the domain name through GoDaddy.com and had emails associated with it - so I am looking for suggestions on how to fix it?? Anybody please?

    Using an 8130 (Pearl) through Verizon - everything is BIS
    10-28-08 09:51 AM
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    I have heard of other people having this issue with godaddy before too. Somehow your your bis is setting the account up as an imap. I would go to your BIS login page and delete the account. Then make up and account like [email protected]. It wont be able to resolve it and then will give you an option to manually input the settings. From there just put your email and passwords again and see what that does for you. Is godaddy claiming to be pop only? Also try setting up a forwarding rule too.
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    10-28-08 11:20 AM