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    I have read other posts about a similar issue but my problem sounds different.

    Any calendar entries that I create in my blackberry will sync. no problem. Outlook to blackberry no problem. BUT after I sync again later any entry I made in the hand held will show up in my outlook calendar as a duplicate. Each sync creates a new duplicate entry in outlook. after a few syncs you get a few duplicates for each hand held originated entry.

    I am using outlook on my PC at work. Blackberry is US Cellular 8830. I connect with a USB cable. plenty of memory. I have it set that neither the handheld or outlook wins because I create calendar entries in both and I want a true sync. I used to sync calendar with an old lotus organizer program but I like using the outlook calendar. I like outlook better but I want to work this bug out. My IT department is slow to respond so I want to find a fix I can do myself.

    The only workaround I have found is to sync. delete the entry I made in the hand held on outlook. sync again. Then re-create the entry in outlook. then sync. No more duplicates...

    I've seen posts talking about service books, cical, and other esoteric things that I don't mind fooling with but would appreciate direction from some of you experts.

    Any thoughts?
    04-15-09 12:40 AM