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    dumb question....

    now Im sure its 100% a-ok...but I just wanna be sure....safe than sorry

    Im thinking of buying a bell branded bb 9780 and unlock it to use on Rogers.

    When I get it unlocked, will it work on Rogers fine (100%), call/text/Data3G etc will work as if it was a Rogers phone ?.....not like how Wind's bb 9780 3G will not work on rogers GSM network

    what problems will i run into, if any? service books etc?

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    03-23-11 05:09 AM
  2. markhunsaker's Avatar
    Like I stated in another thread...if in doubt...dont' do it.

    I recommend you check the GSM bands and see if they are compatible with the phone you're buying.
    03-23-11 11:18 AM
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    Please don't post three threads about the same topic.

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    03-23-11 11:25 AM
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    You can check the band they use and make sure it is compatible. Bell/Telus use a different band (I think EDEG) than Rogers GSM band so I don't think it will work. However, Bell/Telus are working together (like many other monopoly driven Canadian company) on a new GSM network. If you buy a Bell BB that is compatible with the new GSM band Bell/Telus empire use, you may be able to use the phone on Rogers empire's GSM network as well.

    But make sure they are compatible.
    03-23-11 12:30 PM
  5. steviebigv's Avatar
    It will work on Rogers no worries. You will get 3G and no issues with calling or texting. Once unlocked you are good to go. My buddy did the same thing and has been using it for several months now.
    03-24-11 11:55 AM
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    Quick Question , I have a blackberry 8830 world edition, and was wondering if i coulde put any pre paid sim card in it . and it would work , as in the phone will then be prepaid ? please let me know if this is so .
    my phone is sprint
    03-24-11 12:00 PM
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    Please don't double post the same question.

    The GSM side of that device will only work outside of North America.
    03-24-11 05:54 PM