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    there seems to be some info out and about but not all entirely clear. my limited bit of research got me to some demo videos on youtube. i think i know the answer to this but, to be sure, blackberry does not build dual sim capable devices (i.e.,

    secondly, dual sim adapters are divided into cutting and non-cutting. for those with experience with these, is one better than the other?

    lastly, dual sim adapters are only available via ebay and are not otherwise available commercially in the u.s.. the ones available on ebay are cited as inexpensive but, from what i gather, you could spend as much as $100 for one. again, my question may answer itself but if i'm using all the features offered with my primary service, i am better off getting a umts adapter rather than a plain dual or premium sim? again, the answer to that hit me as i was writing it but it's clearly not apparent to everyone.

    anyway, would love to hear the thoughts of those experienced before i move forward. thanks
    07-30-11 09:20 AM
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    there are a lot of fake blackberry devices..... many of the "made of china" faked devices that made under the interspersion of the RIM blackberry devices...

    they sell it online for cheap prices, phones that looks the same as the original model but are very differences with the parts that inside the device.

    most of them build their phones with more then 1 SIM card slot....
    but there is no a "multi sim" so you just can select what sim to use... same as switching sim cards on regular
    07-30-11 02:42 PM
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    That is a fake, besides, it has analog television in it. That's how you can tell it apart.

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    07-30-11 03:45 PM
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    Blackberry doesn't make dual-sim phones but what they do make is GSM SIM Card and CDMA compatible phones. An example of that will be the Tour 9630

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    07-31-11 07:35 AM