11-21-16 01:56 PM
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    There are dual boot android and windows tablets out there. Chuwi and Teclast.

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    BlackBerry isn't some hole in the wall in China, though.
    11-21-16 01:12 PM
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    I'm getting a little lost here. Is Android an operating system or a phone? When people say 'android phone' I always assumed they meant a phone running android.

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    It's both. Android is used in many non-phone applications. If you say 'android phone' most people will think you mean a phone running the Android OS. In the west that usually means a Google licensed Android phone.
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    11-21-16 01:30 PM
  3. Tsepz_GP's Avatar
    Hmm. Wasn't there lots of chatter about BlackBerry not being able to continue to offer BB10 now they're using Android because of the OHA or whatever it is?

    Android OEMs have all been known to dabble in other OSs, Samsung have their own Tizen and also had Windows Phones while making Androids.

    Same can be said for LG, HTC, ZTE and others, all have invested in Windows and other projects while making Androids.
    11-21-16 01:34 PM
  4. ToniCipriani's Avatar
    Acer or someone tried for a dual-boot windows/android device... If I remember correctly if had two separate drives for each to try and argue it wasn't a dual-boot.

    King Google says 'yeah no' and it was never released.
    Dual-boot devices are a dime a dozen in China, all those cheap tablets. Quality on the other hand...
    11-21-16 01:48 PM
  5. Ment's Avatar
    Dual-boot devices are a dime a dozen in China, all those cheap tablets. Quality on the other hand...
    I'm betting those don't have a valid Windows license either.
    11-21-16 01:56 PM
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