1. scotdonald's Avatar
    I have purchased 'missing sync for BB'. Can anyone tell me how to download it from my Mac to the Blackberry?
    09-14-09 05:09 AM
  2. scotdonald's Avatar
    How do i download 'missing sync for blackberry' onto my blackberry from Mac...?
    09-14-09 05:37 AM
  3. electro_sound's Avatar
    Complete the Setup Assistant
    The Setup Assistant will appear when your first launch The Missing Sync for BlackBerry on your Mac. You can also choose to run the Setup Assistant anytime by choosing "Setup Assistant" from The Missing Sync Help menu.

    The Setup Assistant will walk you through:

    1) Installing The Missing Sync on your BlackBerry

    2) Bluetooth pairing your Mac and BlackBerry

    3) Performing your first sync using the USB cable. Subsequent syncs may be done wirelessly or via USB.

    The Missing Sync must be installed on your BlackBerry device and must be running in order to synchronize. Mark/Space will email install instructions to your BlackBerry email account or you can open http://mirror.markspace.com/bb2.jad manually in the device's web browser.
    09-14-09 05:42 AM