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    Hello everyone. I got a little question for you guys, I'm on AT&T with a bold 9900 and on my internet plan it says internet for blackberry. If I switch sim cards with a regular o micro sim adapter to a unlocked android or iphone device, would I still be able to use the internet data regularly? I want to know because I want to start programming in both of these platforms.
    05-16-12 08:46 PM
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    Good question! I think you will have to change plans. I think BB plans are "separate" from other data paks. Someone here will know the answer tho.

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    05-16-12 08:59 PM
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    I have used my ATT Blackberry torch sim in my iPhone on occasion. I believe that if you make a permanent change, you will have to change your data plan, but it will work without making the change. Of coure, if you are going to use it in an iPhone, you will either need to cut it to micro-SIM size, or you will have to get a MicroSim from Att and then use an adapter in your android or blackberry when you move it back.
    05-17-12 09:48 AM
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    You dont have to change anything. Itll work with no problems. Ive used it plenty of times in my sony...yes I have two phones lol

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    05-17-12 12:02 PM