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    hi fellow crackberrians,
    windows 7 has built in virtual wifi port...that is u can use ur laptop or ur wireless card in desktop as a virtual wifi access point!
    I broke my router recently so im using this method to connect my blackberry to share my pc internet and it works really fine. here is what u must have:
    1> a pc or laptop with wireless card installed
    2> Windows7 installed

    its really easy...go to Connectify - Turn your Windows 7 laptop into a WiFi Hotspot , its a software thats free and makes the job really easy. install connectify on ur win7, then open it, give a wifi name, and also password so that others cannot connect to ur access point, select ur internet connection that ur pc is connected to and that u wish to share, then select ur security mode..keep wpa2-psk..then click on start hotspot and bingo..there u have ur hotspot.
    now from ur blackberry search for wifi accesspoint and there u have it.

    happy surfing.
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