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    check out the article "Don't count out Research in Motion" in the National post dated August 3rd.

    This article is bang on! Canadians and the Canadian media should be just as supportive of it's technology superstar as the Americans are of theirs!

    I see article after article dismissing RIM and it's achievements and they are so often completely inaccurate. RIM makes wonderful products that are very different in many cases from what the competitors are offering.

    Take the Playbook for example. It's attributes are that it's extremely mobile. You don't think twice about carrying it with you wherever you go. It takes great pictures and video which can be shown instantly on any modern TV. The speakers are exceptional and offer dolby stereo sound. You can access the internet wherever you are if you own a Blackberry phone or have a phone with a hotspot. The bridge function is extremely original and functional. The display is awesome which makes watching a movie, playing a video or game or reading something a very enjoyable experience. I read last night about how thrilled a businessman was with it, he was using voice notes to record meetings and word regularly. The fact that it can display flash on web while still offering great battery life, something Apple said couldn't be done says a lot! I surprised a group of friends just the other day when I showed them a video and how I could zoom in and out while it was playing. Just this past week a new app came out making it possible to use the Playbook as a phone in 60 different countries around the world. The Playbook is portable enough to make this a great new feature. It won't be long before the Playbook runs Android apps making it the first OS to be able to do that! Lastly the Playbook offers real multi-tasking again something other tablets can't do. I was playing music and video taping a hot air balloon at the same time...very cool! The video even recorded the music.

    Without a doubt Canadians and the Canadian media should be shouting praise and support for RIM and their many accomplishments!!
    08-05-11 01:58 PM
  2. anon(3733516)'s Avatar
    I'm totally for RIM but this article seems purely opinionated.
    08-05-11 02:38 PM
  3. BBisthefuture's Avatar
    This article simply points out what RIM has accomplished. It also draws attention that they are receiving very little respect or support from the Canadian media. Unlike the US media that boasts about their companies even when it's not deserved. ...
    08-05-11 02:47 PM
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    Welcome to CrackBerry.

    We appreciate your enthusiasm, but please dont disparage other manufactures products. I have edited the content that is likley to result in your thread going off topic.

    Many of us belive, Research in Motion will be successful with their International road map. Over five Billion developing World consumers will continue to have a huge impact of their fortunes.
    08-05-11 04:35 PM
  5. BBisthefuture's Avatar
    The point is there is two standards in the media. When it comes to Blackberry it seems the media only wants to focus on what it perceives as weaknesses with their products and when it comes to competitors products they only seem to focus on the positives!
    08-05-11 08:35 PM