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    Ok, in light of recent news of the special committee formation and the consideration of strategic options including the sale of the company, let's not be afraid of that 100 foot tall shadow. On today's posts, I see CB users and fans running for the hills and fleeing like villagers in a Godzilla movie! It's sheer panic and pandemonium and has got us considering contract breeches, sounding the death knell and looking for a successor to the throne.

    What we don't see or realize is that the ominous shadow that seems to block out the sun, is not Blackberry's demise...its the Awakening of a Sleeping Giant...BLACKBERRY!

    C'mon! Jump on board and show your Blackberry pride! If you were skittish, then run! If you've got an ounce of that Red Star Pride coursing through your veins...THEN SHOW IT NOW!

    Stand Up for your OS!
    Stand Up for your Smartphone!
    Stand Up for your Blackberry!

    Go BB!
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    08-12-13 05:53 PM
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    You must have been a Montreal Expos fan
    08-12-13 06:25 PM
  3. earlym's Avatar
    No just a diehard BB user and fan. I'm not moved by this news as some are. Just business.

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    08-12-13 06:53 PM

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