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    I have been using an iPhone for the last 2-3 years. Prior to that, I was treo, then a couple of blackberries, to my last 9650. I love my iPhone, but for the work I do, 90% of it is spent on bb doing business work. Emails, messages, checking the weather, tiny bit of mapping. Point is, I don't use it like I do my iPhone. I guess, in my opinion, the BB is a communicator, where the iPhone is a portable computer.

    ANYway....I like the keys. I like the heft, I like the rubber surround. I dragged the 9650 out of mothballs, and I am going to re-activate it with sprint. More than likely, I will use googlevoice, and port my number there (like I did before I stopped using both phones and went iPhone only. Yeah, its gonna cost me a few bucks more, but I will have lower talk times on both, and sprint, to help me out there.

    I am tired of waiting. This phone is paid for. I don't want to get a NEW 9900 only for it to be extinct, if and when the bb10 comes out, or doesn't. This way, I can get my "button need" for the next few months, and see what comes to pass. And yes, I will probably upgrade the iPhone when it comes out too. Its getting to be a better and better mobile computer. (but has no keys. Ah well, there are a few of us die hards out there)
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    well, here's a sprint bold on ebay, auction is at $250 so you may get lucky.
    BlackBerry Bold 9930 - 8GB - Black (Sprint) Smartphone 843163073425 | eBay
    here's a buy no option from gazelle for $260
    Blackberry RIM Bold 9930 - Very Good Condition Black Sprint Cell Phone 843163073425 | eBay
    and for $15, here is a keyboard case for the iPhone, though i have never tried these before so I can't comment on how well they work.
    07-02-12 03:35 AM
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    I would look at Fernandez21's links. I know you said you didn't want a NEW 9930, but I switched from a 9780 to a 9900 and the difference is huge. OS6 to OS7 visually is not very different, but in terms of the speed of the OS, and the feel of the actual device, the 9900 is so much better.

    The web browser is also much better on the 9930. It's like BlackBerrys finally have a GOOD web browser. Not as good as the PlayBook's or what will come on BB10, but still..for the usual phone web browsing stuff, it's pretty good.

    Oh and the keyboard. All I can say is that if you like the feel of the 9650's keyboard, you'll love the 9930's keyboard. It is the best keyboard RIM has ever made, and I'd even go so far as to say it is the best keyboard on any phone, ever.
    07-02-12 12:33 PM